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Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas in Austin, 2014 - Walk to Fish Pond

Christmas in Austin, 2014
Walk to Fish Pond

Ben, Alex and Kaylee took Larry and and I on a nice walk to the "fish pond" behind Clayton Elementary, just south of their gated community here at Circle C (huge housing development).

Walking by the elementary school, where Alex is now in 5th grade - he'll go to the Middle School next year - he showed us a couple of the "garden" project he had worked on.

The first of two were Pansy plants he had helped plant.

Then a "plant" he had planted a couple of years earlier - it has grown!!

Around the corner there were several "totems" (off the left - about 12 or 15 more like these two!!!) made from ceramic cups from art class... he couldn't find the specific one he made, but knew it was there... we were falling behind, walking to the pond!

It was a regular park back behind the school... new territory for me... (I'd been in the back of the school, but not out in this part!)... what fun!

Note the "Cardinal" sign on posts - the Clayton Cardinals! You can see Ben and Larry approaching the pond, left side of the fence, above.

They all arrived at the pool, as I was still taking photos! Kaylee, Ben, Alex, Larry, from left.

Kaylee throwing bits of bread to the fish... watching for them to come up and bite them! They really did! Sometimes there would a dozen of circles in the water when everyone threw pieces about the same time... really, there were! ;-)

There was also a turtle in the pond, besides the perch and other fish (4-6 inches, mostly, that we could see. I did catch the turtle coming up to snatch a bite of bread! There, in the middle, he is swimming up, two arms out... use your imagination... it is easy to see!! ;-)

Just outside the pond, there is also a nature teaching circle...

As we left, Kaylee, now in First Grade, wanted to show us her playground equipment. She went swinging along the rings!

Then, went along the monkey bars side rail!!

It was fun to see that the edge of the Clayton playground had a trail that led right over to the Community Swimming Pool and new Community Center, on the corner.

Kaylee, Alex, Larry, and Ben moving ahead toward the Community Center and Pool... (above)

Just ahead, I looked back, and this was the entrance to Clayton, from the Center area:

Lots of rules to observe, of course!!

Around in front of the Community Center...

This is the new center for the whole development. They now use the rooms for scouts meetings, etc. Also used for wedding reception, etc. We came on path from Clayton, on right. The pool is on left, behind... see Kaylee in next photo.

Kaylee got to go on the "big slide" (green, in center, rear!) this year.

We went back across the street to the left, through a coded gate, and back through their subdivision (passing the common mailboxes) to the house. Great trip and walk ... and fun!!

Merry Christmas!

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