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Sunday, July 26, 2009

BIFF Weekend in Wayne County, Utah

The Bicknell International Film Festival (BIFF), not far from Annette and Larry's home in Utah, has distinctive aspects that are difficult to explain. I'll refer you to the BIFF website (be sure to scroll to the bottom to see the schedule of activities). This year the theme is Gangster and Gun Molls - and the film festival features the worst movies on this theme that they can find... putting it real simple.

Annette and Larry dress up for the parade and decorate the jeep as well. Below is one photo of Annette, in costume, with Larry driving the get-away jeep in the parade... they go "through town" one direction, turn around, and go through town again, in the opposite direction. You get to see both side of the vehicles, without moving... not a real large town, needless to say (Bicknell is the name of the town - a few miles from Teasdale). [See Monday post for corrected information on this narrative. Thanks!]

Gangsters usually end up on the wrong end of the stick, so they apparently played that out too, before going to the dance! Here is Annette, getting her due... in chalk, with a "reporter" trying to "interview" her...

The Bicknell International Film Festival (BIFF) is a lot of fun for the whole county. Folks all participate, either in the parade or as the audience. Kids love it as well. [Last year was a more western theme, with bad western movies... changes each year!]

It was another very good day ;-)

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