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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Creating e-memory legacies

Check out The E-Memory Revolution.

I have been giving these concepts some thought, but this puts a whole new spin on it - note the "three streams of technology" suggested: recording technology, rapid increase digital storage capacity, and software to take advantage of a life-time of e-memories. Is it really true?

My concern was more that the current generation is not "saving" hard copies of photos, writing, etc. How will we "look back" and be able to collect anything that is not "physical"?? This suggests just the opposite - that we will be able to retrieve "everything" electronically - all those facebook entries from college, all those email from work and home, every photo anyone every took of you, every transaction you made...

What do you think? Is this great? Is this awful? Is this preposterous....

It has been an interesting day, so far! ;-)

P.S. Just read to the end of the article on libraryjournal.com cited above... written by two researchers at Microsoft Research. That opens up another whole topic of conversation, if one cared to!


Allison said...

Very interesting...it will be amazing how this all works out and how things are kept..my worry still of everything going digital, of it getting erased!!!

Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith said...

Yes, selective erasure, and, incompatible technologies in the transition years... and, when aren't we in a transition year! ;-)