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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall in Hollister, Part 2

I wanted to share a couple more of the fall color photos I took the other day. These were before the last rain... most of these leaves are gone by now.

This one is looking south, from a high point in the subdivision. No sunshine.

This one is looking over toward the town of Hollister and the College of the Ozarks (left center). Cloudy again. I like the red maples in the middle, of course.

The sun had come out, just a bit, for this one.

This one is looking directly up into a red maple.

Nice to get a few good ones. They just make be feel good! Enjoyed another nice long walk around this circuit again today, but didn't take the camera. Perhaps another day. There is a real good view of the new Peace Lutheran Church, a couple of ridges to the east. Thought I might have had it in these photos, but not a good one. That's a good incentive to try again.

It was a very good day! ;-)


Barbara Poole said...

Bill, I enjoyed your pictures. Nice break from genealogy blogs. I also was out yesterday taking pictures. I think these two interests go hand in hand.

Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith said...

Yes the do, Barbara! While I enjoy taking photos in cemeteries - so quiet and peaceful - I like to take family photos and "favorite scenes" as well. Used to take a lot more. Getting more selective. Will digital now, though, it is really great to be able to take as many as I want.
Thanks for the comment! ;-)