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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Al and Joleen Bolger in Utah

When we arrived in Teasdale to visit Larry and Annette for a couple of weeks, we found out that Nancy's brother, Al and his wife, Joleen, were only about a half hour behind us to stay the night enroute to Portland, OR, to visit their family. They had stayed the prior night in Bayfield, CO, only about 150 miles from where we stayed overnight in NW New Mexico! Small world!

Here is the group - less me, taking the photo, looking at the new house being built on a nearby ridge. Al on the left, Larry pointing, Jolene in between. Annette in front, Nancy behind.

This is the house they were looking at. "Our" road can be seen running this side of that house.

Below is the house we are looking from... off the back deck... they were looking to the left...

Some additional improvements going in... three new little ponderosa pines - you can see two in the photo - when grown, will look like the one on the right.

Just below the railing, Larry has put in a rock garden with new natural plants/flowers - the red sandstones will form a sidewalk between the rock garden and the pines...

I'm taking this looking over the railing - the sidewalk will go along the top, in this photo. This is on the near side in the house photo, above.

We are having a great time, with more to come.  ;-)

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