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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Aztec Ruins, NW New Mexico

We visited here on our way to Utah, after visiting the Salmon Ruins, on May 25. We really like this site, the last time we visited, and enjoyed it again, this time. It was also nice that our Eagle Pass covered the cost of visiting this National Monument.

One reason we like this site is that you walk out the back of the visitor center, and there are the ruins. Here, Nancy is taking her first photo. Note the folks on top... we walked around to the right, and  you can see them in the next photo, as well.

Here, Nancy is in the center of the main site; note the folks up high, here on far left.

Just to the right of this photo is the big Kiva... really neat. First, Nancy inside.

And, looking to the left... a bit...

Outside, a nice retired reporter offered to take out photo, with the rest of the nearby ruins in the background. Thanks to hime!

Other side...

It was another very good day, yes it was!  ;-)

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