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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cowboy Poetry Gathering-Entrada

Cowboy Poetry Gathering-Entrada

[This event was actually on May 29]

This is our second year of attendance at the Entrada Institute's Cowboy Poetry Gathering. Last year, due to weather, we met at the Bicknell Community Center. This year, it was the more traditional outside gathering at the Robber's Roost Bookstore. It was a bit chilly, but got better as time went by. Fun!
Here, Ray Conrad, the Cowboy Poet and Host, listens to one of the three student contest winners, after he read several of his distinctive poems. We got his book of poems, Fence Lines, for Christmas last year.

The next performers were Hal Cannon and Teresa Jordon, a married couple; he sang his stories, she spoke, sang and played the recorder. Excellent program segment.

We got eat first; here is the serving crew...

Here is one crowd shot - good crowd

Serving crew at my back left here. Bookstore, back right. In the crowd, far right, you can see gray sweater on Nancy.

From the right side of the photo, above - her you see Larry, Annette, my chair and Nancy in gray, along the back row. There were also some folks standing in the sun, back behind me, as I took this photo.

Annette took this one, above, with me in it, a little closer. She also, during the evening, took a couple of really good photos of a bird, up in a tree.

The Blue Sage Band returned this year. We really like them. Here is the lead singer.

And, the full band-we carry their CD in the car...

What a fun evening!!

It was a very good day!  ;-)

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