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Monday, June 7, 2010

In and Around the House here in Utah

We are approaching the end of our two week visit with Annette and Larry in Utah. On this next to the last day before we head back to the midwest, I thought I would share some things that have become part of our everyday life, rather than the neat trips away from the house we've shared in recent days. [There will be posts each of the next three days, catching up on other activities during the two weeks here, that I have posted ahead.]

We keep track of the progress on the Wilson place, on the road going in and out, and from the east deck. Today, I could see two workmen going in and out!  ;-)

From the other end of the east deck, looking along the south side of the house, the purple Milkfetch is really blooming.

To the left, straight out south from the deck, here is a closer look at some flowers.

Moving to the west deck, north end, looking at Capital Reef over the parked vehicles.

From about the same place, looking to the west, up the drive in...

A little further left, I am so impressed with the red sandstone pieces that Larry and Annette have collected. The sidewalk work in progress has started along the house from the garage (beside the car, above, not seen) and will proceed around the west side.

Since the other day, Larry has added the darker mulch to the new areas, to slow the drying-retain moisture. Fun, fun! Looking good!  ;-)

Finally, another photo of one of the hummingbirds, from the south end of the west deck. There are several that fly about very fast. They regularly stop at each of the three feeders. Here I waited until one stopped, at the left. Beautiful!!

It is another great day!  ;-)


Barbara said...

What views, how close is the nearest house? And, what a lot of books! Very nice, and I bet you hate to leave all that quiet.

Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith said...

It is a special place, for sure. Nearest house about a quarter mile north; nest nearest about a half mile down the wash.
Yes, the quiet and the views are incomparable!
We'll be back for a couple more weeks in July, and possibly, again, in early October.
Thanks for the comment!