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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bolger gathering in Iowa at Al and Joleen Bolger's in Johnston

Friday evening, July 16, we had an informal family get-to-gather in Johnston, IA, as Bob and Carol and Bill and Nancy were able to arrange to converge their respective three-week journeys in central Iowa; and Al and Joleen made the necessary arrangements to get a great bunch of relatives together. Janice worked hard to pull it off, as well. Thanks to all involved.

Bob and Carol had been to Alabama, Tennessee and Wisconsin, among other stops in-between. Bill and Nancy had been in Utah, expecting to return through New Mexico and Oklahoma, but were able to divert to Colorado and Nebraska to be in Iowa.

Nancy and Janice were the first to arrive; seen here with Al and my computer.

Nancy, Chris Grimm and Bob are giving the food on the table a good examination!

Clair Conner in conversation with Tom Opperman; while Tom's wife, Rosie is distracted...

Carli and Larci Conner enjoyed the couch on the back patio.

Carol Bolger, Janice, and Carol Grimm in deep conversation... Bob and Chris chat in the background.

A bit later, Bob and Chris are on the patio with Carolyn. Rosie and Madison in the background.

Joleen came from work - here seen in conversation with Jacqui Thomas. Carol Grimm looks on.

Al and Joleen have made a lot of changes in the back yard. Here Al and Mark Thomas had made a swing around the back and are returning. I wanted an excuse to catch some of the flowers...  ;-)

OK... I really don't need an excuse for photos of more flowers...  ;-)

It was fun evening; great bunch of relatives, and lots of good conversation and memories shared!

It was, of course, another very nice day!  ;-)

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