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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Visit to Grand Island Nebraska Soldiers Home and Cemetery

As Nancy and I drove back from our visit in Utah on Thursday this past week to attend the Bolger family gathering in Iowa reported yesterday, we made a brief side trip to visit the cemetery in Grand Island, NE, where my great-grandparents, Michael and Maggie Smith, are buried: at the Nebraska Soldier's Home and Cemetery (he was a Civil War veteran).

We had a photo of the location in the cemetery, and wondered how hard it would be to find (note third photo down on the link...).

Here is my photo of the same location, which was fairly easy to find, having looked at the older shot:

Nancy came and took a couple of angles of me with the two stones... they were smaller and shorter than I expected. Interesting!  ;-)

Back at the building with the flag...

On the front was a register box, containing a register...

And, there they are, listed in the cemetery register - died in 1901 and 1902.

The cemetery is east of US 281 a couple of blocks. A couple of blocks further east is the Soldiers Home. Here is the front yard.

On the west side of the square - with back to the Cemetery a few blocks away, is a much older building, with PERSHING over the door - I suspect it may have been were they lived back in 1900 or so.

To my right, as I took this photo, are the much newer buildings - where current administration and some residents are housed, I assume.

We were very glad to have stopped and made the visit!

It was another very good day!  ;-)

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