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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Olive Garden Birthday Celebration

OK, her birthday was yesterday; but Allison and I treated my dear wife, Nancy, to luncheon at the Olive Garden for her birthday, today... various busy schedules must take precedent, you know!  ;-)

We had our great salad, waiting for the entrees to arrive. Excellent meal, all around... even a really neat, male, server!  ;-)

Nancy was happy to get her book, from Allison, as well. We had a cake in Utah, for her, and will probably have another in Austin this coming weekend, which is also our anniversary, of course.

We have now got a couple of hummingbirds coming to our feeder, regularly, which is very pleasing. I'm going to add a second feeder, but, in the meantime, today I finally "caught" a bird at the feeder - through the blinds, the window, the screen... his open pointy beak is in the air!

It was another very good day - but REALLY HOT, again!  ;-)

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