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Friday, July 9, 2010

Grandma's 'Birthday' to picnic to deer in yard

These photos were taken over the last three days. On Wednesday, the day before Arrion and Ben went to Park City, we all went over to Capital Reef National Park. It was for a picnic, but also to get the Rathsack annual family photo on the Sign...

This may not be the official photo, but this is the one of several that I chose to use!  ;-)

We picked up Subway sandwiches... Arrion is taking this photo, obviously!

There are two spots for kid photos... I only picked these two out of a couple of dozen...

Alex was in a contrary mood, at the moment, but still a good photo of both...  ;-)

This was a fun one!  ;-)

The kids saw a deer across the creek bridge, so went over to see if it would stay around. It did.

Alex found the deer to be quite friendly. They also played with Annette down by the creek, floating leaves, looking at tracks and rocks, etc.

Just this evening, we had a birthday party for Grandma (a few weeks early) - nice yellow cake with white frosting. After a while, Annette got the candles lighted, again, without Kaylee blowing them out.

Blowing them out, for real - photo caught the one blow in mid-job...  ;-)

Nancy was with Annette at the Trading Post, and helped pick out these really neat sandstone coasters she was wanting! Worked out very well!  ;-)

Finally, as I was getting ready to post these, Kaylee and I went downstairs for a few minutes. Saw a deer right outside, just a few feet away under the east deck. The doe was still near the fire pit by the time I could get my camera.

About a half hour after the above deer sighting, another (likely same one) appeared right out the window in front of me. Got two good photos through the window:

And, the second...

So, it was another very nice day!  ;-)

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