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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Flute Shop trip and Library Level fun

Well, to keep things changed up with new activities, Annette and Larry took Kaylee in the Jeep at mid-day, today, to Loa to grocery store and to lunch, etc. Grandpa and Grandma took Alex today, in the car, to lunch, the candy store, and the Flute shop. I've also included, at the end, some earlier photos, as well.

We started off by putting Alex's booster seat in our car (alongside Kaylee's seat... without her, of course)

We ended up eating at Chill's again, after a coin flip, and noticing they had less traffic when we arrived (just in time) - and we knew their menu better, and, we ate in the Game Room, today. The 3rd place Soccer Match was just starting - as if we cared...  ;-)

After a slow, drawn out lunch...took it easy, enjoyed it a lot... we went to the Coffee and Candy store. Not for Coffee, of course, but for CANDY - taffy, chocolates, etc. Fun conversation with clerks, as well.

Next, we went south at the intersection of Hwy 24 and Hwy 12... on Hwy 12, to the Flute Shop!

Alex got a little pan flute and a couple of neat rings. Grandpa got Grandma a middle size wooden frog - that makes a sound like a frog.

On the way back, it rained a bit, and was cloudy. As we approached on the Teasdale Road, we could see all three house up here on the mountain: The Wilson's house is the highest, of course; Annette and Larry's is to the left, and lower; Bob Yager's place is the lower one, more of a whiteish color.

I didn't post any photos the first day we were all here. Here are a few from that day. North of Loa, on Hwy 72, there is a neat little rest area along the road - they call it Oak Springs, for some reason. That is the name of the town in my novel, Back to the Homeplace. Small world!  ;-)

Ben and Arrion and the kids arrived some time after we did. One of the things they wanted to see was the Library - here Annette welcomes the kids to their Kid's Corner: Prince Alex and Princess Kaylee.

Annette and Arrion tried out the kids' chairs...

Had to have a photo of the "new" Arrion!  ;-)

Kaylee learning to ride Annette's old original tricycle...  ;-)

Speaking of Kaylee, this morning we 'played some games' on the table: Mouse and Kat game...

Colors and shapes... what fun!  ;-)

It was another very good day!  ;-)

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