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Sunday, July 11, 2010

A typical day of 'exciting' activities in Utah

Annette took Alex on another "treasure map" hike along the road toward the west turnaround, early afternoon, today.

They knew rain was in the area, but were a little surprised at the thunder, and even lightening, on the other side of the west mountains, while they were there. So, they headed back for the house.

It only sprinkled, a bit, after they returned. But, a couple of hours later, it really rained. Hardest rain we have had during this visit. Only lasted maybe 10-15 minutes, though.

After a bit, rain had stopped, kids still played on the deck... note the wet area from the rain.

Looking out the east deck to the Capital Reef Fold, the "mummy" and other 'structures' out there is a favorite pastime. The changes in the cloud cover and sunshine cause the formations to appear different, even though they are unchanging, in reality. The depth perception is especially interesting. What we see as the "mummy" and the "rook" are really just peaks beyond the closer red formations. Here are a couple of examples.

On the left, of course, is the 'mummy' - the next to last formation on the right, above, are three side-by-side spires, they look like three people, or, the top of a 'rook' from a chess piece. Another view:

Here, the 'rook' is near the center.

Ok, here is a better example of 'typical' activities on any given day:

Annette and Alex are in front of the flat-screen TV playing Harry Potter Lego Wii game. Nancy is at her work desk with computer. My table is behind her, with computer. Coming nearer, you can see Larry's computer monitor. Kaylee is sitting at Annette's work station, playing a kid's computer program... sat there several times, for long minutes, maybe a half hour at a time. Training her right, from the beginning.

Arrion returned from Park City and Salt Lake City where she left Ben off at the airport to go home to Austin so he could be back to work on Monday. Arrion arrived back here at the house late mid-afternoon. All well - they had a good time. Annette is planning to ride back to Austin in the van with Arrion, Alex, and Kaylee - then fly back on the 19th.

It was another very good day!  ;-)

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