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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Walk at Capital Reef Grand Wash

Here are some photos Annette took when she, Arrion, Alex and Kaylee went over to Capital Reef and walked/explored the Grand Wash.

Here Arrion is taking a photo of the kids, but you can see the Wash nicely, as well.

Most of the photos I chose were ones where they were up in the rocks. Here are the three of them.

Kaylee found a flower... she likes to find flowers.  Below, she is exploring.

Here, Alex is exploring...

Alex wasn't afraid to explore holes in the rocks.

Both of them explored around these holes in the rocks.

Here they are, again...  ;-)

Here they are with Mom, Arrion:

One more, on the rocks.

Another time, Annette and Alex were on a Treasure Hunt walk. Alex high on the point.

Alex and a little juniper... which will grow taller the fastest?

Meanwhile, Kaylee is hard at work, back at the house!

It was, obviously, another very good day!  ;-)

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