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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Buck Tooth Rock Hike

Looking off the deck to the east, on the other side of the wash, is a white rock formation that Alex and Arrion dubbed "Buck Tooth Rock" because of its shape.

Looking back to the house deck, from in front of the rock.

We decided to hike down to Buck Tooth Rock, with Alex, Kaylee, Ben, Larry and I. Rather than going 'straight down' into the wash, Larry suggested the 'flatter route' down the wash, starting from west of the house. Here we go...

'Flat" is a relative term, of course. Down the big white rock was the 'flat' entrance to the wash...  ;-)

Larry and Alex moved fairly quickly. Ben and Kaylee made good time; she did well, with Ben helping out of the tough spots.

I walked on ahead, so that I could take this photo of Larry and Alex arriving at BUCK TOOTH ROCK.

Alex set about exploring the crevices around the rock formation; under Larry's watchful eye.

When Ben and Kaylee arrived at the Rock, it was obvious it was too steep for them; they watched for a bit, picked up stones, etc., while Alex satisfied himself with his exploration. It didn't take too long, actually.  ;-)

Got a nice photo of Alex sitting on the tree branch, beside Buck Tooth Rock.... successful mission!  ;-)

Ben and Kaylee, and Bill, took the 'up the hill' route back to the house... Larry and Alex took a longer walk around the east and north side of the property. Here they are, have way around back to the house.

It was another very good day!  ;-)

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