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Monday, July 5, 2010

Fishing Trip To Round Lake

This was the day we all went up to Round Lake on Thousand Lakes Mountain to the northwest of the house... less than an hour drive, part of pavement, rest on gravel roads up into the mountain, for a fishing trip. Annette, Arrion and I all took photos, over 200 in all, so these are just a small selection to share our experiences.

This is a good one to start with - gives just a bit of perspective. We set up by the picnic table, far left, but later, some of us walked around to the other side. [Annette gets the prize for this view; neat!]

Here we are getting the fishing gear around, it appears. After the donuts, of course!  ;-)

Alex and I are facing the chairs. You can see the other side we went to, on the right.

Here are Nancy and Kaylee, having a good time changing chairs...

Annette and Alex were the first to walk over to the right side of the lake. They eventually actually walked all the way around back to the start, in a couple of segments.

Larry went to the left side, to try his luck. Nobody had any luck - that is, no fishes caught... just nibbles.

Arrion and Kaylee stayed with Grandma and Grandpa for a while; then Arrion went around to the right side. Kaylee stayed behind, for another while.

Then, Kaylee decided she wanted to go see Mommy... so she and Grandpa 'walked' around the pond. Here we are arriving, and Arrion took our photo. Thank you!  ;-)

Kaylee went over and helped Annette, after I went back.

 We each tried to get a photo of this beautiful bird, a Western Tanager, we think, it had red on its head, that doesn't show much, here. Arrion won the prize; even caught it with a worm in its beak - WOW!  ;-) [if you click to get the bigger view, and look close]

I got the prize for the photo of the damselfly, blue, like a stick, below!  ;-)

Part of the entertainment was the mother duck followed by several little duckling... They swam all the way across the lake and back, while we were there. This is probably the best photo - I had my camera as Arrion was taking this one. Again, you may be able to see the ducks better in the bigger photo - click on it.

As we were driving out, a grouse and her chicks crossed the road, in front of us. This was out the side window. I got the mother, and just the beak of one of the chicks, on the right...  ;-)

Here is an interesting view, early in the return trip, showing the valley beyond. We were up around 8,000 feet at the lake, perhaps.

On the way back, we stopped at Mill Meadow Lake, where they had fished last year. Arrion decided to take the kids on home. Nancy and I enjoyed the view, very comfortable, gentle breeze blowing. Here, Ben went to the left.

Annette and Larry went to the right. No matter where they went, lots of nibbles of the worms on the hooks, but now fish caught, today.

It was another very good day!  ;-)

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