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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

4th day Austin Aug2010 photos

4th day Austin Aug2010 photos

Grandma and Arrion took Alex to Lego Store, and I stayed with Kaylee. Among (many) other things, we did Playdough - she made a pizza, I think...  ;-)

Later, Kaylee had cowboy hats out, and Alex wore the black one and go his sword - seems to be doing Zorro type poses. Took lots of action shot, only a few decent photos out of it - love digital!

Kaylee in her hat...

With Grandma...

... and with Grandpa. I'm really happy... it just doesn't show this time... sorry!  ;-)

Arrion got her hat, as well... didn't realize she still had it on.

Later, I was up in her room with Kaylee. She was putting her dollie to sleep. Talking to her softly, continuously: "bedtime, ok... go to sleep, ok... blankey, ok..."

Then, Kaylee decided it was time to change her clothes... she dresses herself, mostly, now...

... and, came out pretty well!

Alex was working on a lego house, in his room, at his lego workstation...

It was another very good day!  ;-)

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