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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bolgers visit us in Hollister

Since returning from Estes Park in early October with Nancy's accident injuries, it has been pretty quiet around the house as we work on her recovery. This week, however, the activity increased a tad as her brother, Al, and his wife, Jolene, were visiting in Branson. We spent afternoon and evening time with them Monday through Thursday afternoons and evenings. They were very good to accommodate Nancy's condition and situation - which is improving, very slowly, each day.

Allison came over yesterday and today, but I didn't get her in the two photos I'm sharing, today. Perhaps Jolene will share the photo she took today, at a later time.

This was at home, before we went out to eat, this afternoon, Thursday.

The following photo was taken by a photographer at Montana Mike's, where we went to eat. Since it came out pretty fair, I'll share it.  ;-)

Finally, I normally share any flowers I get to grow in the yard, so this is one from the back, a Zinnia, I think. Pretty, if lonesome... Some folks grow a flower bed. I celebrate when I get a single stalk, with a bloom!  ;-)

It was a very good day! Wishing the Bolger's a safe trip back to Iowa!  ;-)

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