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Monday, October 4, 2010

Estes Park on Monday

Estes Park on Monday

Today I will share some photos that Annette took the last two days, sometimes when I was photographing here.

We'll start with a photo in the condo, of us working around the table while Ben was playing his dulcimer for us... I'm in this one.

A better view of a herd of elk cows, with a buck checking them out (center, looking at us).

A more full body photo of the buck with the big rack.

Going up Old Fall River Road, here is a better photo of the Marmot, as he ate beside the road.

We also saw, on the rocks, just a few feet out the window, a Pika. She got a good photo!

I shared a photo of Annette out in the field, looking at a meadow we could not see, below the Alpine Visitor Center in the photo. Here the photo SHE TOOK, out there, of the meadow and the Center.

And, finally, looking back down Fall River Valley from whence we came...

It was another very good day - except that Nancy fell in the back yard of the condo and got some bad bruises and other hurts - went to Urgent Care and received treatment - resting now, at the condo.


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