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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday evening in Estes Park

Sunday evening in Estes Park

Here are a few other photos, that didn't make it into the previous three posts...

I wanted to show the color in the trees over the Library behind the shops. That worked fine, but turned out Annette was in the shade more than I realized. Nice, anyway!  ;-)

Another artist's shop that Nancy stopped it... I think that is the artist. Just to show some variety.

Enos A. Mills has a statue in the park where we were at Elk Fest. Check the link to learn more.

Larry and Ben, grilling chicken on the deck of the condo, Saturday night. Nancy enjoying the babbling brook and the view. She is really very happy, just ignore the expression on her face!  ;-)

Ben works for Cripple Creek Dulcimer in Colorado Springs; he sells them AND he builds them from scratch. He brought one he built, and played it for us. Sweet music, beautiful instrument, neat young fellow. Proud father, Larry, looks on.  ;-)

It is still a very nice day!  ;-)

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