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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog Day (2 Feb) 2011

Well, I hear Phil didn't see his shadow this morning, so I'll be expecting Spring in six more weeks - just in time for the grandkids to come visit, right?!  ;-)

Our part of the Great Blizzard in the Ozarks yesterday came up a little short, which is fine with us. We still planned to and did stay entirely inside yesterday and today, and with the temperature falling and our meeting tomorrow postponed, we will likely stay inside then, as well.

Ok, in the middle of the day, I went out in the driveway for a bit, a couple of time, and cleaned part of the sleet accumulation from the one car. I took this photo out front before getting to work.

We had two or three inches of (dry) sleet accumulation (hard as a rock on the driveway!) and then another couple of inches of snow on top, with a little of the snow blown around... but not much. I can take this a couple of times a year without complaining, too much.

Looking out the back... kinda pretty!  ;-)

This evening, Nancy started on the Big Game Weekend puzzle - supposedly aren't supposed to say Super Bowl without paying for the rights... so I won't!   ;-)

It is another long and narrow one, it appears...

We'll share a photo of the finished product, assuming we get it done.

It was another very nice day!  ;-)

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