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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bolgers Visit for Branson Fam Tour

Bolgers Visit for Branson Fam Tour

Bob and Carol Bolger were in the Branson area this week on Branson Fam Tour sponsored by the Branson Convention and Visitor's Bureau. Bob and Carol are Travel Agents, and while they normally book cruises, they have recently taken on organizing a group of 40 or so coming to Branson by bus. At about the same time, they received an invitation to come on a Familiarization Tour, so came up for the week, the first first few days attending show and workshops and presentations by various Branson entities. They toured the airport and the convention center, as well.
After the tour, Bob and Carol stayed on a few days, and Al and Jolene came down from Iowa, as well. Here we are at the cabin, chatting during a rare 'down time.'

Thursday night, we all went to The Dutton Family Theater after eating at the Plantation Restaurant nearby. On Friday, the four of them went on the Branson Belle; but, they stayed at the dock because it was cold and windy. In the afternoon, Al and Joleen went to Branson Landing, while Bob and Carol, Nancy and I went to Noah at Sight and Sound, dinner at McFarland's, followed by the Shojo Tabushi show. On Saturday, we all six went to the Cat's Pajama Show, ate at Montana Mike's, and to the Clay Cooper Theater in the evening.
Bob and Carol headed back to Louisianna Sunday morning. Nancy, Allison and I met Al and Joleen at Bob Evans for brunch before they headed back to Iowa.

A good time was had by all! ;-)

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