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Monday, May 16, 2011

2nd Monday in Utah - Old Caineville Road

2nd Monday in Utah
Old Caineville Road

We went for an adventure ride today on the Old Caineville Road, a little ways beyond the Capital Reef park to the east. Part of it is the old dirt/gravel/sand road before Highway 24 was built and improved. Toward the far end, are some remnants of old Caineville... new Caineville, a little farther east, isn't much more impressive.

Most impressive is that we go off the highway, into the rocks, so to speak, and here is this fairly lush valley, with a canal and a river running through it, green hay fields, trees, ... totally unforeseeable from the highway.

Just feet from the highway, on the dirt road, there was a cattle gate. When Larry went back to close it, this old gentleman (92+, Annette and Larry know them) and his wife pulled up. Larry re-opened the gate, for them... as they went through, another car came and went, as well. We never saw another car, all the way around.

Looking ahead...

On down the road, a piece... Canal just below the photo, river in the bottom, cliffs on other side.

Around many, many curves, we came to a swampy, wet-land area along the road. [From here on, some photos are mine, some are Annette's]

There are actually beaver working the area... we didn't see any, but, the tree upper left, shows signs.

Here Annette was about to take the following photo of the beaver chewed tree, up closer.

A few curves further down the road, we came to the old, abandoned (mostly) homestead. Here is a wide angle photo, back up the road we came down.

Nancy stayed in the jeep, but we moved it a couple of times, along here.

Here is the first old building...

Annette captured me looking at it...

Next was the abandoned house...  perhaps only 30-40 years from livability.

Next on the east was a corral, looks like for sheep, but also cattle, that had been used this spring.

With the nearby pasture, there was a modern rake; but there was also relic, old machinery.

Moving on down the road, and turning back to the north, toward the Highway, and just west of current Caineville, was an old cemetery.

I'll share more about the cemetery, and some other side trips, in a later post.

It was a nice, generally cool, day!  ;-)

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