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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2nd Tuesday in Utah - the Stellar Jay arrived

2nd Tuesday in Utah
the Stellar Jay arrived

We'll start off, today, with the news of the day - a Stellar Jay appeared out the window. There are three types of Jay at this altitude, here, and this makes the third type, a clean sweep.

He has the comb that sticks up, whereas neither of the others do. The wind would blow it around!

Last night, Larry fixed chicken and vegetable Kibobs on the grill - very pretty, and very good!

Picking up some of the neat photos from Monday, as we drove down the mountain, if you are not driving, some neat scenes. Here is the first, just around the corner, 1000 Lakes Mountain; didn't roll down the window on these two, so some reflections.

Then, a little further down, swing to the east, a bit... the house in the valley, where we turn back to the left...

After we got down in the valley, and around a few curves, we get out to the blacktop, where the bald eagles have a nest.

A little closer look, I was able to catch the top of the head of the female bald eagle in the nest.

After we had finished the loop of the Old Caineville Road yesterday, we decided to do just a little piece of the Cathedral Valley drive, many less than ten of the 60 mile trip... we wanted to do the river ford...

Just a few miles in, the road 'fords' the Fremont River a few hundred feet... They have actually reinforced the river bed into a highway bed... but it still looks scary as you go down one bank, into the fast rushing water a ways, and up on the opposite bank. Note: if any extra rain in the area, always check with the ranger station, first.

It was fun... Annette gets out and takes the photos...  ;-)

One other highlight on this short trip, out a few miles further; Indian Paint Brush, just starting to come out. This was the only good one we saw!

Ok, one more set of two photos...  as we were up and down and around all the rock formations, we kept seeing this one formation, that really looked like a Ute Indian, on a bluff, wrapped in a blanket, with his peace pipe or a rifle, guarding the valley... snow on the Henry Mountains, in the back right, pretty neat as well (melted quite a bit the 10 days we have been in the area) - back to the 'Indian.'

Guess it is hard to see, on the left, on that point. Here is a closer view - it is obvious an unusual rock formation, but....

It was another great day!  ;-)

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Allison said...

Cool pictures...loved the last one..Annette didn't climb the rock to get a closer pictures?? LOL