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Monday, May 9, 2011

First May Monday in Utah - bird watching 2

First May Monday in Utah
bird watching 2

Well, we started the morning with snow on the ground - at about 7 a.m. - by 10 it was all melted away from around the house and up on the mountain, a ways.

OK, the birds, today. A close up of the little pine siskin, from yesterday, but up close; note dots on breast.

This was one that Larry and Annette had not seen yet this year; a female evening grosbeak

And again, with a ground squirrel.

The red headed house finch was interesting - a little more colorful.

During the afternoon, we had snow flurries a number of times. Hard to catch in photo; here is best one (out the right one of the three south faceing windows).

We all were working on projects. One of Annette's was to read the draft of my 2nd novel and make suggestions, which she did. Seems to be enjoying the read, on her Kindle!  ;-) THANKS!  ;-)

It was a good day!  ;-)

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