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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day - First Sunday in Utah

Mother's Day
First May Sunday in Utah

Our first full day here in Utah is Mother's Day as well as our first Sunday. We got the daisy bouquet in Loa on the way in yesterday. Nancy had brought a combination of Anniversary and Birthday presents, so we had a little party.

A photo of the bookends, Larry, and Annette's hat, among other things.

To the right, in the photo above, is the first of three windows along the south side of the house. In addition to the mountain across the small valley, the area right outside the window has bird feeders and trees and other 'decorations' that make viewing really fun. This visit, already, there are many different varieties of birds and ground squirrels. I'll share a few, from time to time, as I can catch them.

Here is a generic view out this first window.

You can see the red humming bird feeder. It is just coming into their season... we've only seen a couple so far.

To the left, is the thistle feeder for the pine siskins... very small birds.

The blueish pinyon jays come by, from time to time, in small flocks, and scare the others away, for a few minutes. The like to eat from the suet feeders, also.

I caught three of the jays, here, just sitting. Just the beginning. Lots of fun.

A very good day!  ;-)

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