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Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Decorations and Robins

Christmas Decorations and Robins

Yesterday, you saw the start of our 2011 cabin inside Christmas decorations, if you looked beyond the two people that were the focus of the photo - the wreath above, and the plain tree, on the right.

Nancy decorated the tree today, as winter has settled in on us for this year:

She wrapped all the packages early on Saturday, so they were already to put in place. We have listened to the Christmas music on the TV cable channel - ALL DAY - been really fun!

I had put the three outdoor wreathes up on Friday (when it was warm), but had not finished the lights and wiring. I got to do that with ear-muffs, today.  ;-)

Here you can see the three lighted wreathes (by side door, and two on front).

This photo was taken within seconds of the other, but lighting is so different in the photos. Here, you can see the elf (we didn't find it last year; so it is NEW this year!)

And, finally, a few minutes earlier, I noticed another flock of Robins in our back yard. We had a flock a few days ago, as well. Perhaps a hundred... strange to see. Headed south, I guess. Here are five, on the rocks, if you look close. {I took several shots - this was the best...}

Guess they stopped for a drink in the 'pond' still in our back yard. How lucky we are!  ;-)

Upper 30's for temperature, today. Average is still about 55, so it is cold, for us.  ;-)


Allison said...

Alot of robins at my place to..leaving little poop marks ALL over the place..porch, garbage can and CAR !!!!

Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith said...

The flock was still around here, today, as well! ;-)