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Monday, February 20, 2012

Annette and Larry visited this weekend

Annette and Larry visited this weekend

Annette and Larry flew in to Branson Airport from Provo, via Denver, for the weekend (arrived Fri, returned Mon). 

Are they arriving or leaving? Actually, arriving - but looked much the same leaving. Beautiful weather, in the 50s!

Allison arranged four days off, so she fully participated in our fun weekend. Here I caught the sisters, before I forgot to do it!  ;-) They went shopping Saturday morning for some 'girl-time!'

We went out to eat, once a day: BBQ, Cafeteria, Restaurant. Nice combination.

Saturday evening, we all worked on a puzzle, while and Indian Jones movie ran, we caught the end of "The Bodyguard," and, ran the CNN video snippet of Kevin Costner at Whitney Houston funeral.

The puzzle - we all five took a part, from time to time, to get it finished. A good family activity.

Another really great weekend!  ;-)

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