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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Alex's week-early Birthday Celebration

Alex's week-early Birthday Celebration

Before we get to the "Birthday Celebration" we need to finish up the Saturday activities.

Here is the "Star Name Tag" Alex wore in the Math Pentathlon competition - the 5 star points representing the 5 games they compete in during the meet.

Alex came away with a bronze medal - Ben said that medals are awarded to about the top quartile of the 650 students competing. Alex didn't get the highest, didn't get the lowest in that range. Well done!  We are all proud of his work - and his Mom and Dad, as well! ;-)

Later on Saturday, Ben and Alex worked on a rocket to take to the big Municipal Park to fire one day.

Kaylee is generally very good, but from time to time not; here she is sulking over her food - she did eventually eat is... just has her times. How about that face?  ;-)

Later, about bedtime, she went to sleep watching television... isn't she sweet?!  ;-)

OK, on to the "8th Birthday" event - the ice cream cake decoration...

The candles are lit - and they were blown out... Kaylee actually let Alex do it, this year!

Kaylee wrote Alex's name on his card from her...

Alex liked the Target card (and Scooby Doo DVD) from aunt Allison. ;-)

Grandpa and Grandma Smith won't be here the following week after his actual birthday to help him celebrate his First Communion (his other Grandparents will be here then) so we wished Alex well with a special, combined gift he has been wanted: His own Kindle. He has become a very good reader and we want to encourage him. He is holding it up for Arrion to get the photo! ;-)

I have a few more photos of our visit, but this is enough for today, and a day late, at that. We go home on Wednesday. I'll share some more in another day or two.  ;-)

It has been a great week in Austin!  ;-)

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Annette Lamb said...

Thanks for all the wonderful photos. We really appreciate it. It makes us feel like we're there!