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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Utah visit - First days photos

Utah visit - First days photos

As we took our first full day here on the Mountain to recover from two long days in the car on the road across (MO, AR, OK, TX, NM, AZ, CO?!?*, and UT, I decided to take some photos around the house. Larry had just uploaded some photos on Facebook of the big equipment they brought in to 'finish' the retaining wall by the garage. They built it out about ten feet, about 12 feet high, of boulders, big and small and lots of fill dirt, as well. They also widened the driveway and finally got a good gravel topping on the driveway. Very nice!

Here is one view of the rock wall:

Turning around, and looking at the rock wall more closely:

Going back down toward the end of the drive, looking back, to get a long view:

Above, you get a bit of a view of the widened drive, as well as the little 'indent' were the water and elecrical boxes are. It also turned out to be an ideal parking spot for the newest 'member of the family' - the RZR ATV. See below!

A closer look up by the garage:

Very impressive construction work by Jackson Excavating!

Larry has also been doing a fine job on the sidewalks and drainage areas:

I got up out of my chair (then took the photos), while Annette and Nancy went to town to get some groceries, and Larry was off on an errand, because of the birds making a lot of noise outside. Some of the Jays had decided to descend.

Larry returned from the post office in the ATV so I 'captured' his arrival to show where it was parked.

*Colorado is not normally on our itinerary, but Nancy had the TomTom GPS out, 'checking it out,' and it told us to north "too soon" in Arizona. We ended up going my the four corners monument! Into Colorado and then back west into Utah. I still prefer my own maps, thank you very much! ;-)

This evening, Annette and Larry went to a private party - invitation only - at the new Saddlery Cowboy Steakhouse Bar and Grill in Torrey. It opens to the public tomorrow. I caught them in their 'cowboy' attire, in front of the fireplace, as they were leaving:

More adventures tomorrow!  ;-)

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Allison said...

Great set of photos!!! Can't wait for more!!! ;-)