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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Utah visit - First Saturday

Utah visit - First Saturday

After a hard afternoon on Friday out in the sleet and cold coming back from the class, etc., Mom and I decided not to go on the field trip. It looks like they had a really good time, but the stories and photos also convinced us we made a good decision. Here is a photo of Larry with his metal detector and the team searching for relics. Click on the photo to go to Annette's Facebook photos (14 in all).

Nancy and I rested and worked our computer based projects. When the wind was down, we walked and sat on the deck. Here is Nancy, on the new glider, enjoying the view!

Actually, just above the railing, over on the side hill, I can see the campsite of the neighbors. They are here this weekend. They will eventually build their house on that flat area, sort of in front of that white spot, or thereabouts... assuming they actually get around to it!  ;-)

As always, here, sitting at the kitchen table, or in the living room, one of the amusements is watching the various species of birds and squirrels, etc. in the wildlife sanctuary along the length of the west side of the house. A few obligatory photos:

Out the kitchen window, a ground squirrel eating on the plants.
Then, below, bigger squirrels eating under the bird feeders out of the middle window.

The aforementioned bird feeders, with a couple of birds...

A better view of the red-headed bird feeding...

And, birds at the other feeder...

Finally, the pretty Entrada Institute posters Larry and Annette (they now serve on the board) helped make are laying on the easel. We'll be going to the first seasonal event, the Cowboy Music and Poetry Festival, next weekend.

Overall, a very good day!  ;-)

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