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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Utah visit - First Sunday

Utah visit - First Sunday

Larry and Annette fixed Kabobs for lunch. We had Lorraine as a guest as we worked on choosing the winners for the High School Cowboy Poetry contest for the upcoming Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival next Saturday. We had about 18 entries and needed to pick the top five - a job for the five of us.

Nice setting for working on the grill. Here Larry is basting the Veggie Kabobs. For Allison, yes, we did have chicken kabobs, as well... and pineapple kabobs, to boot!

Here are the whole array, with about 5 minutes under the hood to go.

Yum! To say the least! ;-)

The evening activity, of course, was the Solar Eclipse viewing. We were quite undecided what to do.
Annette had purchased four sets of The Eclipser glasses for us!

At $1.98 each, they actually worked quite well.
Here, Annette is trying to get an early photo, as the moon was just moving over the corner of the sun.

It quickly became obvious that from the house down in the bowl, that we would not see the full eclipse. We told Larry and Annette to go on over to Telegraph Hill, to the west, where the towers are, so they would get a good view. They decided to take the ATV RZR.

There they go, up the hill, and away.

Well, - let's look at this picture, while I tell 'the rest of the story!'

As they whizzed up the diagonal (bare wall- upper left) toward the Wilson's house (see it sticking up, right over Annette's head in this photo). Their house sits up on the rim, with magnificent views to the north and east as well as south. When they got up there, they realized Wilson's patio or decks would be a perfect, private viewing site. They were not here this weekend. So, Larry and Annette turned around and came back down to the house. We put the folding chairs in the trunk of our car, and the four of leisurely drove back up to the Wilson's house, got out the folding chairs and walked back around the house to the patio. The moon was about half way - and we could see it was going to be perfect. We got out the folding chairs and made ourselves comfortable for the 'big event!'

As reported elsewhere, with patience, we saw the perfect 'ring of fire' as the moon reached the center of the sun, and then moved across. It was truly spectacular - as has been shared on TV and the Internet ever since. We saw it in person, live, with just our little The Eclipser glasses. Amazing, for sure. We were very happy our Utah vacation included May 20!  ;-)

Driving back down the hill, to the house, I took this photo that shows the new rock wall supporting the garage and driveway from the higher elevation very nicely.

It was a very good day!  ;-)

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