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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Utah Visit - First Tuesday

Utah Visit - First Tuesday

We took a drive out to Capital Reef National Park on Tuesday. Our specific destination was the Historic Gifford Homestead, among the orchards - where we could have some scrumptious pies!

Note the rustic rural setting, the barn, the horses, the wagon... Look what they have!

In the window it says they have pies. Along with the museum and gift shop, they have pies.
We ate some here, we took some home. Here is what we took home.

If that isn't scrumptious enough, try this...

It is perfect size for two to share... if you add ice cream, which we did with this cherry on Thursday afternoon (a few minutes ago, as I write this...), it was almost too much. The pies are made by Cafe Diablo Restaurant in Torrey, noted for their pastries.

The peach we had in the park was even better... with cold Root Beer!

Larry had a nice chat with the park worker (back at work, background) while we ate. We got to overhear; fellow was raised in the area, worked here a long time, enjoyed talking. He is working on some boundary rocks, kind of like Larry has done at the house.

He also told us about the truck, on the other side...

Look at that... a 1936 Flatheat 8 Ford truck... he said it still ran a couple of years ago...  ;-)

Going on down the road a ways, south, and back, we enjoyed the new paved surface, and the many areas along the road they are reseeding to natural grasses and wildflowers. For the first month or so, they have to go out, every day, with the water truck, and water and care for the 100 plus sites. Annette and Larry had talked to the Park biologist about the project earlier. Here are some photos of one site.

On of the larger restoration areas, alongside a pull-over that was improved during the repaving. Notice the neat stone barrier now on the pull-over area. The green sign says "Don't tread on me!"

The green sign actually says "Restoration Area" - but also, don't walk here... in so many words.

Looking the the left, the car where Nancy and Annette and Larry are waiting (patiently) for me taking my photos!  ;-)

Back at the house, Annette had a little wine in the new "wine-glasses" we got them for their anniversary a while back...  ;-) [A mason jar on a base!]

Larry continued to do some work outside each day. Getting that next rock moved. A second purpose is to be able to put in some drain pipes, where rain comes off the south roof. [You get a peek at the green pipe, lower left... more over the next couple of days.]

And, I'll close today with a [poor, but nice] photo of the sunrise Tuesday morning... thru the screen...

Over the Capital Reef red cliffs... every morning... clouds made this one a little more special. ;-)

It was a very good day!  ;-)

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