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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Utah visit - First Wednesday

Utah visit - First Wednesday

I've tried to hold back, just a bit, on bird photos, but we have to have a few, because there are so many opportunities!  I call this one: "Bird in Tree!"  ;-)

Larry has worked hard outdoors just about every day, so it is time to catch up on his progress. Today he was putting in the "water run off the roof" drain system on this one corner of the house. Part of his moving the rocks around and widening the path was also to move rocks out of the way to put in these pipes!

That ground is really hard. See that big rock, about in the middle, left, that he managed to work around?! He does really excellent work. I'm just amazed, time after time!  ;-) Note the drain cap laying on the deck, ready to go on, when he gets it leveled and ready! Watch for it later!  ;-)

He spent quite a bit of time filling in and leveling so that it would drain off just right. I didn't watch him, all the time, of course, so I only have a few photos. Here is after he buried it, again. You can see the two drain caps. In the upper right, you see the drain pipes he now needs to work some more rocks to run the drains out where the water can run down into the big draw, south of the house. More tomorrow, perhaps.  ;-)

One more on birds - a very busy bird feeder right outside the kitchen:

Another very good day!  ;-)

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Allison said...

Boy..that was a boring day..watching birds and Larry..LOL...hehehe