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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Utah visit - Second Thursday

Utah visit - Second Thursday

We arrived in Utah last Thursday afternoon, making today the Second Thursday.

Got a nice photo of a Western Tanager today, thanks to Annette spotting it first:

One of Larry's projects today was to put the yellow flag on the RZR!

He also finished up this part of the drain project he's worked so much on...

A couple of other photos around the yard, for future reference. The weather station:

A barrier installed to slow the sand from blowing, perhaps...

Two of the tree wagons; this is the hauler for the RZR, the two-wheeler for camping is in the garage.

And, the firewood racks. All empty, used up all the wood from the winter. Will refill, he said.

And, finally, for our evening entertainment, we all four went to the new Saddlery. Great food, beautiful facility, fine wait staff, and really good local band provided live entertainment. A great evening. [They are on Facebook, but don't yet have a website. These were the souvenirs I picked up off the table... ;-)]

I was a very nice day!  ;-)

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