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Friday, May 25, 2012

Utah visit - Second Friday

Utah visit - Second Friday

We arrived a week ago, Wednesday night. We've had a real good visit. Added activities, cancelled activities. Didn't go, for example, to Steve Taylor's Friday class today - car battery down [some dummy - me - failed to turn off lights last night...!@#$%^ ;-)]. But, by not going, Annette got to work on her old iPad. About of a third of LCD screen was black... couldn't read that part of screen. She installed a new LCD screen, by herself. Here she is, hard at work.

And, after quite a lot of concentration, does the apple appear????

Yes, the apple appears! Congratulations...  ;-)

The rest of the story... the LCD screen is great... but now the touch screen doesn't work... may be a lost cause... time will tell.  Interesting experience to watch, though!  ;-)

Larry got to work some more on the grounds. Was able to run the RZR with wagon attached up to work area.

Pulled it clear up by the house. [Just noticed - I don't take to many photos looking this direction].

He used QuikCrete to solidify the areas around the drains he installed.

Backing out, he realized he needs gravel, not just the sand on the ground, in order to maneuver the vehicle better. Another addition to his "to do" list!  ;-)

Noticed the big pine on the west side of the house, against the clouds in the sky. Pretty!

Here is the base of the pine tree, as a reminder. Neat!  ;-)

Two more bird photos to finish the day... [they work, I play on my computer and watch the birds and the squirrels, right?? ]

Caught three humming birds feeding at once...

Another very nice day!  ;-)

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