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Thursday, June 7, 2012

June first week - Fire on the Mountain

June first week - Fire on the Mountain

The last week of May, while at Boulder Mountain in Utah, I took this photo out the west deck of Annette and Larry's house, to show the mountain that direction:

Note the two little 'peaks' near center, and just left of center. Earlier this week, from over the weekend, the Lost Lake Wildfire appeared over this ridge. Annette was in NYC and Larry was alone at the house. By mid-afternoon, he was ordered by the Sheriff to 'evacuate' - here are his reasons why:

Also, here: 

The fire came within about 3/4 of a mile, but did not come down the valley. 

From down in the valley; at the turnoff to Teasdale on Highway 24:

With the winds abating, the Forest Service dispatched firemen to the nearest homes to the National Forest, one of which was this one. The truck has foam that could be used to cover the house, if it came this way.

These fellows will stay at the house for a week or so. Higher winds are projected over the coming weekend, not as high as before, but they take no chances. Crews are in the area from all over the country, as they do for these fires. They are on the mountain doing "containment" including helicopter water drops on hot spots. Here is an example.

Larry is staying in the RV which is 'in storage' down in the valley - he just sleeps there, no elec or water, but it is shelter. He can come up to the house for a half hour or so, two or three times a day.

Annette is actually back here in Branson, getting ready for my trip to St. Louis for surgery next week.

These have been 'interesting' times...  ;-)

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