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Friday, June 8, 2012

Annette in Branson - pre-surgery visit

Annette in Branson - pre-surgery visit

With fire near her house in Utah, it may seem strange that oldest daughter Annette is here in Branson. This was part of the pre-planned June activities that had her in NYC for a few days and flying into St. Louis to meet Nancy and I as I was scheduled for surgery there TODAY, June 8. Does anything ever go as you actually plan it?

After all those plans were in place to stay in St. Louis for up to a week, the surgeon's office called and changed the date to Wednesday, June 13. So, on Wednesday, June 6, rather than 'getting ready' to go to St. Louis - we drove to St. Louis and picked up Annette and brought her back here for a few days. Now, we will be returning on Tuesday, to St. Louis, for the surgery stay... hope it all goes off as planned, this time! ;-)

Annette and Allison found time to go to a movie yesterday, and then met us at Bob Evans for an early supper - so there was a 'photo op' to record the visit.

It was a very good day, but not surgery day, today!  ;-)


GeneJ said...

Will be holding vigil. Hopeful for a good outcome. --GeneJ

Allison said...

Actually a pretty good picture of all of us!! :-)