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Friday, August 3, 2012

Nancy's Birthday with kids here

Nancy's Birthday with kids here

What better birthday could a Grandma have?

Reading Allison's birthday card together

After eating a piece of cake each, Grandma took a break, and sorted the taffy the kids brought back this afternoon; some to stay with Grandma, some to go with the kids... so everyone got their favorites.

Earlier, Kaylee on her iPad... anywhere, anytime...

This and following were from their first and second days here.

Allison enjoyed the kids, the kids liked having Allison around...

Kaylee modeled her princess costume from Disneyland - she is to grow into it!  ;-)
Lovely, huh?!

Kaylee was just the right age for a lot of the toys in the loft; she played and played, with toys and dolls and Dora with clothes - often as teacher to the dolls!  ;-)

Alex was on vacation, so a lot of Wii time - he played Pitfall from beginning to End!!
Then, he started Harvest Moon, Tree of Tranquility, and did really well! ;-)

Kaylee helped Arrion make cupcakes in the cupcake maker!  ;-)

Grandma checks out the cupcake recipes...

Added Saturday, compliments of Allison Facebook posting. THANKS! ;-)

Ate at Bob Evans restaurant for Grandma Nancy's Birthday. Yum! ;-)

We have had a great week, with tomorrow yet to come! ;-)


Annette Lamb said...

Wow! Looks like lots of fun. Wish we were there... although sounds like it's hot, so maybe not!

Allison said...

That last photo of Mom is really good of her!!! We missed having you here too Annette!!

Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith said...

Great comments. Thanks. Added Allison's photo of Bob Evans birthday meal! ;-)