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Monday, April 29, 2013

Late April - Backyard of Cabin - Nice Day

Late April - Backyard of Cabin - Nice Day

This is from a week or so ago... the iris are blooming in the backyard... with the rain we have this year. In the center, just to left of one blooming, is another about to come out! Must be thankful for small favors!

We've had so much rain this year, that with the nice mess the contractor's made in our back yard, there are low spots with up to three or four inches of standing water... several days after the rains. There are also high points surrounding them, so that the water cannot drain off. This year, grass has also grown, abundantly, right out of the rock...

Nancy took this photo of me using the shovel to help the standing water drain into the channel I had dug, earlier.

Here is the channel, with water running... look how deep it had to be...

I can literally not walk across the backyard, inside our 'property line' and not walk in water. It is much worse that before they 'messed' with it...

Here I am, with a little broader view... you can see the water...

It will take time, but I will get it to drain... of course, we're getting cold and rain for three or four days the end of this week... so it won't be soon. But, now that I have one escape channel, I can work at getting the drainage working, slowly, for the rest.

Earlier, saw two goldfinches in the trees above where I was standing above. Only able to capture one of them, with his head turned aside, of course!  

Had three iris out, today...  ;-)

Did I mention; it was a very nice day to be out working in the backyard of the cabin?! ;-)

1 comment:

Annette Lamb said...

It's it great to work outdoors? Did some "yard work" a couple days ago when it was beautiful outside. It feels so good!