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Saturday, May 4, 2013

May 3-4 in Hollister - Snow, birds and squirrels

May 3-4 in Hollister - Snow, birds and squirrels

On Wednesday, it was in the 70s - on Thursday morning, it snowed and never got out of the 30s.
Wednesday afternoon, we put out the goldfinch food sack... I'd seen as many as four male goldfinches flying in the back yard. It is now Saturday, and they have found the feeders. Could only catch the one male goldfinch clean... with two other finches enjoying, as well. Many have come and gone. Fun. Also saw at least one cardinal and one blue jay stop by... two cold on deck to just sit and watch. Perhaps in the 50s, today. Put out the humming bird feeder out the kitchen window.

The squirrel has been eating at the block feeder, coming down from the top... eats, falls off, climbs back up and has at it some more. He is on the ground, below, just left of white rock, center...  ;-)

Back into the 70s (average) in a few days...  ;-)

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