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Friday, June 14, 2013

Celebration Dinner at Rim Rock Restaurant and more

Celebration Dinner at Rim Rock Restaurant and more

Thursday evening, all the stars were properly aligned, or something, and we decided it was the right night to treat Annette and Larry to fine dining at the Rim Rock Restaurant to celebrate their Wedding Anniversary (last April 15...). In the photo, Annette is leaving, but we'll pretend we were just arriving. [If you click the Home link, above, you will see this is part of the Inn, Restaurant, Patio complex - with the finest dining views in the area. We ate at the Patio for pizza on Tuesday, you will recall. The Patio stays open all year; the Inn and Restaurant close during the winter].

On three sides, the windows of this restaurant provide magnificent views of the diverse mountainous terrain. My photos didn't catch them all, due to the sun glare, but here is a great example.

They have a neat Western theme, even a topographical map near the door to the kitchen.

Besides the cool Buffalo Head over the mantel (there is an antelope at the opposite end of the room, near the entrance), if you could see out the window, you are overlooking the Capital Reef National Park.

Awaiting our meals... Annette and Larry each had the Ribs - fantastic, with real meat on the bones. Nancy had the Rim Rock Chicken, with a honey herb glaze. I had the Lee Van Cleef Spaghetti with Meat Boulders - yes, they called the meat balls 'boulders' - and they were great. Check the menu, to make your mouth water. Service was excellent, as well. A fine dining experience, for sure. Oh... and we finished by sharing a "Homemade Ice Cream Sandwich with chocolate cookies" - yum! ;-)

On the way back up to the house, as we came over the ridge and started down to the house, we can now see another small house on another ridge, off to the southeast, hidden by the ridge nearer the house. Can you see the roof, and the little shed, near the center of the photo? Just below that center white horizontal strip. Larry and Annette's house is behind the trees, lower, on the right... can't see it here. (see comments below)

From the romantic to the mundane....

Just about every day, Larry continues to do some work around the grounds of the house. One of his current projects is the rock wall on the south side of the house.

He spends an hour or two most days, longer on days with no other activities scheduled.

And, there are always the normal weekly tasks... one is taking the trash down to the valley to be picked up. Their trash cans remain down there. Here, Larry has loaded the wagon with the sacks.

Once he is hooked up the ATV, away he goes...

And, there he goes, up the hill (See him? just left of center). We had just topped the hill there, coming this way from Wilson's house on the hill (far right, just above the yellow T@B trailer), when I took that photo, above.

What fun!

Another very good day in Utah!  ;-)

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