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Thursday, June 13, 2013

More about the Pond, and the Return, on Wednesday

More about the Pond, and the Return, on Wednesday

Where we left off yesterday, we had arrived at the pond. To take this photo, Annette had gone around to the other side, as I rested (blue dot, left end of the dam, above). Below, she is at the entrance of the spring, into the pond, below.

The spring was further back up the canyon, but the water entrance is through 'white rock' - going back just a little ways she could step across it... about a foot, in one place, she said.

Before I had even realized it, she was on the opposite shore... she backed away from the shore, a bit, to take the first photo, above.

Annette took this view of me waiting, as she returned from her trek around the pond.

We set off immediately back over the dam, around the corner and up the wash toward the houses.
We chose on the return, to climb back, higher, above the wash, on the house side.

Here, you can begin to see how we got higher, faster - compared to the cliffs on the other side of the wash.
Along the way, I notice another little prickly cactus in bloom with the yellow flower...

Here, I wanted to catch this view in respect to the cutout in the white rock cliff.

Here, we can look back at Bob Yager's house and out into the valley below, on the way back.

At this point, we decided to take a path right up the hill, to come out just to the right of the new neighbor's house (behind Annette, here).

The last part of the climb was 'interesting' slick rock. It really went quite well, just had to go slow and rest a couple of times.

As I was approaching the top of the slick rock, Annette took this photo of the side of the new house. It is 'intended' that this metal siding 'will appear to rust' and turn a red color similar to the surroundings. Looking closely, you can begin to see it 'turning' in spots.

By this time, we had been out quite a while, I guess. Seemed quite normal, to me, but Larry and Nancy had begun to worry, it seems. Larry started down the wash a ways. Nancy was on the back (east) deck, with her binoculars - you can see her, here, as I passed by the other house, on the road. This was close enough, we could shout at each other and be heard.

Annette cut back down the hill to meet Larry (since we didn't come back that way) and I proceeded up the neighbor's road (moving to the right, above) to where it intersects with 'our' lane, up our lane and home. Everyone happy. I rested well, for quite a while, on return. A great adventure. Not that big, but enough, and very satisfying. Thank you, again, Annette! ;-)

It was a very good day! I slept well!  ;-)

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