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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Arrion's Birthday Celebration Day, a little early

Arrion's Birthday Celebration Day, a little early

You may have seen this on Facebook, earlier, today. Lots of folks did. Thanks!  ;-)

Came home and had birthday cake and presents. Half white cake, half chocolate.

With Kaylee, Happy Birthday!

Ben and Bill had the cameras, today. Texas football playing Kansas State tonight, as I'm doing this.

From last night, Alex really likes to play the Game of Life. Arrion won (I got her off to a winning start, while she was putting Kaylee to bed...) ;-)

We had watched Kaylee's dance recital DVD earlier. Then, on more than one occasion, she danced for us, in different costumes. The music was off the iPad, through the TV stereo. She is very improvisational!  Fun!  ;-)

This is her "Bumblebee" costume from the recital.

Later, Alex and Kaylee danced together. Neat! Also, great photo of west wall, new paint, and new photos on the wall.

It was/is another great day!  ;-)

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