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Monday, October 14, 2013

Scarecrow Week in Wayne County, Utah

Scarecrow Week in Wayne County, Utah

Annette and Larry are having fun this week participating in and promoting Scarecrow Week at the businesses and homes around Wayne County. It is a new program this year, and seems to be gathering momentum in this fun, rural community. Teasdale and Torrey are near the center of Wayne County, of course, just west of Capital Reef National Park.

At a lunch program, today, the wore their "scarecrow" outfits and won a prize... not a whole lot of contestants... but have to start somewhere!

Here is Annette before they left:

You can see her "roller derby" socks, in this one!

This afternoon, we drove around the center part of the county, including the Visitor Center area of the park, looking for more scarecrows. Annette had done this on Saturday, but wanted to photograph some of the news ones, as well. Here she is looking at a "five parter" out on a rural intersection.

Following are just a few she took earlier:

See more at her Facebook page.

Here was a photo I took at the Visitor's Center at the Park, leaves are still changing... lots of pretty yellows...

I took this "Halloween" photo before we left, in our back yard. The neighbor put up the Halloween weather vane on the steel post the quarry owner next door put out to emphasis that his property line comes to here... within a few feet of our back decks...

It was a very nice day!  ;-)

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