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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Benefit Concert last Saturday Night with Mary Kaye and Mike Moutoux

Benefit Concert last Saturday Night 
with Mary Kaye and Mike Moutoux

We were privileged to attend the Benefit Concert at the Bicknell, Wayne County, Utah, Community Center including performance by the fine Western entertainers Mary Kaye and Mike Moutoux.

Mike led off the evening with Cowboy Poems and Western Music that were both entertaining and inspirational. We were not able to attend Mike's Entrada Institute performance earlier in the year, and it was a real pleasure to both meet him and enjoy his performance.

The benefit was for West Taylor, a local horse trainer, and good neighbor to the folks out here. It had been seven weeks since his face collided with that of one of the horses he was working with. Doctors performed miracles with this face, as you can see, but they also ran up some very big bills, thus this benefit concert and some other efforts.

The featured performer was Mary Kaye. She is an award winning Western Musician, Song Writer, and Story Teller. We saw her perform at the Entrada Institute last year... I did this article on her then.
[Be sure to click on her name, above, to see her newest album, "The Dawn and The Dusk," and a neat list of her awards, as well.]

Since we saw her, she has performed in 15 states and Canada this year. It was a real privilege to get to see her in this intimate, benefit, community building setting. She is a friend of the Taylor family.

Here we are, watching her perform. Mike Moutoux took this photo and kindly shared it with us.

During her set, Mary Kaye had her two daughters, who were with her on this trip (they live about an hour and half away, in Manti), to sing a song with her. Excellent music!  ;-)

Mary Kaye's husband and manager, Brad, was there, as well, but he stays in the background. ;-)

After the concert, I got a photo when Nancy and Annette were talking to the girls, congratulating them on their fine performance.

Before and after the performances, as meal, they held a silent auction of many donated items.

Among us we ended up with a western painting, a couple pieces of jewelry and a copy of Mary Kaye's latest CD... all proceeds went to the Benefit totals.

I most pleasant evening. Great entertainment. Good food. Many new friends.  ;-)

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