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Monday, October 21, 2013

Sunday Meal at Broken Spur, and More

Sunday Meal at Broken Spur, and More

Broken Spur Inn & Steakhouse is a motel, restaurant and convention center that sits on a ridge, above, and just to the east of Torrey. We'd driven past, to see their scarecrows - see one on the horse, above, and then heard that Sunday would be end of their season at the restaurant - so a perfect time to go.

Looking south, you see Boulder Mountain. I have another photo or two from inside, with some interesting views in this direction.

Moving right, more Halloween decorations, another scarecrow, and the entrance...

Very much a Cowboy theme... this is our host. Sign in to the motel to the right; restaurant behind the host, to the left. Gift shop immediately on the left.

Nice variety of Cowboy pictures of all kinds around the halls, lobby and restaurant - I sort of favored this one in the restaurant... can't show you the 'nice ones' in either the men's or ladies' rooms - Sorry! ;-) Daughter, Allison, would especially enjoy those in the ladies' room, according to Annette's descriptions...  ;-)

Ok, back to the story... Annette and Larry used to come up to the parking lot here, they said, because it is one of only two or three places in the valley where you can actually see their house, up in the canyon, on the mountain. Here is the view from the restaurant window...

Looking closer, below, just right of center, there are three 'reflections' - the middle one is theirs. Sun low in the western sky, reflecting off the metal roofs. The Wilson's house, at the top of the road to their place, is to the right. Annette and Larry's is the upper one nearer the center, with one a little lower into the valley, below, and a little to the left. This is also a good reminder, that even though they are at 7,200 feet, there is still a lot of mountain above and behind them!!  ;-)

Here we are, awaiting our scrumptious meal - excellent chef, perhaps the best in the area, according to many. It showed, today! Once the food came, enjoyed every flavorful morsel... no more photo taking time. Among us, if you look a the menu, we had: The Combine, Wrangler, Fishing Hole and Mustang! ;-)

But, before the food arrived, one more 'out the window' view... to tell "the rest of the story!"

This photo is a bit to the left of the earlier one, and focusing on two parts of the valley, down below. To the right of the trees is a pretty pasture, with horses!
Near the center of the left half, you can see the large green roof, with cupola, of Cougar Ridge Ranch - a very high end, western vacation resort (an occasional movie star, or two, that we don't know about, is on-site, from time to time, if you get the idea). Their theme, you can see the whole web site at the link, is: Peace, Adventure, Knowledge and Luxury... let your imagination have a field trip!

On Saturday night, they hosted, in the main lodge, the "FriendRaiser" for the end of the summer season of the Entrada Institute - Celebrating the Colorado Plateau -  here in Torrey. Over a hundred folks attended, all the 'movers and shakers' in the area, including many of the part-timers that come down from the Salt Lake Valley regularly during the season for the weekly musical performances, lectures, and other presentations that the Instutite has provided over the past 19 years. Needless to say, FriendRaiser = Fundraiser, and if attendance was any indicator, they should have done fine. Larry and Annette are both on the Entrada Board, and arranged the excellent programs this year, with their fellow volunteers.

When we got back to the house, following a swing by the Cougar Ridge Ranch, the sun was about to set. I liked the way the shadows hit the Capital Reef National Park Waterpocket Fold mountain formations. I shared this one on Facebook, earlier.

I love the valley below as much as the mountains above, myself. Now that I look at it, again, you can actually see the ridge above Torrey - just about the very center of the image, where we were at the Broken Spur, and took the reflection images of the house - where I'm standing on the deck to take this one! Small world, huh!

Another great day in Wayne County, southern Utah!  ;-)


Allison said...

Good storytelling on this blog entry Dad...loved it!! Curious about the bathroom pics though!!!

Annette Lamb said...

The women's bathroom contained photos of a cowboy who was working in a horse barn. It must have been hot because he was wearing chaps, but no shirt. ;-)