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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

All my STUFF....

Among my favorite George Carlin routines was when he would take off on "my stuff..." I could always identify with that, because I, too, have a lot of "my stuff!" In my case, it is mostly books and papers...

A colleague who is retiring this month, not next year, was in the office a couple of days ago, lamenting his challenge to get "all his stuff" out of his office... and where to put it. His garage is already full, because his wife retired earlier this spring, and all of "her stuff" is there - plus, they recently moved her mother from her apartment to a care facility, and all "her stuff" is there, as well...

Two or so years ago, when I was hot on the E-Bay "latest thing" - I sold nearly 300 of my books on E-Bay. Hardly made a dent, but it was a start. That market has dried up some, so I have been carrying boxes of books to the local library with donations to be sold at "Friends of the Library" fund-raisers. I will continue to do that. The books in my old office here on campus are all too old for either... sometimes wonder if there aren't developing countries, or flood victims, or someone who would benefit from them, if only I could identify them.

Then there are the boxes and boxes of genealogy materials.... but that is another story.

As I get ready to feed the spreader some more paper, it is another good day!

Dr. Bill ;-)

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