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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bolgers visit us in Hollister

Since returning from Estes Park in early October with Nancy's accident injuries, it has been pretty quiet around the house as we work on her recovery. This week, however, the activity increased a tad as her brother, Al, and his wife, Jolene, were visiting in Branson. We spent afternoon and evening time with them Monday through Thursday afternoons and evenings. They were very good to accommodate Nancy's condition and situation - which is improving, very slowly, each day.

Allison came over yesterday and today, but I didn't get her in the two photos I'm sharing, today. Perhaps Jolene will share the photo she took today, at a later time.

This was at home, before we went out to eat, this afternoon, Thursday.

The following photo was taken by a photographer at Montana Mike's, where we went to eat. Since it came out pretty fair, I'll share it.  ;-)

Finally, I normally share any flowers I get to grow in the yard, so this is one from the back, a Zinnia, I think. Pretty, if lonesome... Some folks grow a flower bed. I celebrate when I get a single stalk, with a bloom!  ;-)

It was a very good day! Wishing the Bolger's a safe trip back to Iowa!  ;-)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Estes Park on Monday

Estes Park on Monday

Today I will share some photos that Annette took the last two days, sometimes when I was photographing here.

We'll start with a photo in the condo, of us working around the table while Ben was playing his dulcimer for us... I'm in this one.

A better view of a herd of elk cows, with a buck checking them out (center, looking at us).

A more full body photo of the buck with the big rack.

Going up Old Fall River Road, here is a better photo of the Marmot, as he ate beside the road.

We also saw, on the rocks, just a few feet out the window, a Pika. She got a good photo!

I shared a photo of Annette out in the field, looking at a meadow we could not see, below the Alpine Visitor Center in the photo. Here the photo SHE TOOK, out there, of the meadow and the Center.

And, finally, looking back down Fall River Valley from whence we came...

It was another very good day - except that Nancy fell in the back yard of the condo and got some bad bruises and other hurts - went to Urgent Care and received treatment - resting now, at the condo.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday evening in Estes Park

Sunday evening in Estes Park

Here are a few other photos, that didn't make it into the previous three posts...

I wanted to show the color in the trees over the Library behind the shops. That worked fine, but turned out Annette was in the shade more than I realized. Nice, anyway!  ;-)

Another artist's shop that Nancy stopped it... I think that is the artist. Just to show some variety.

Enos A. Mills has a statue in the park where we were at Elk Fest. Check the link to learn more.

Larry and Ben, grilling chicken on the deck of the condo, Saturday night. Nancy enjoying the babbling brook and the view. She is really very happy, just ignore the expression on her face!  ;-)

Ben works for Cripple Creek Dulcimer in Colorado Springs; he sells them AND he builds them from scratch. He brought one he built, and played it for us. Sweet music, beautiful instrument, neat young fellow. Proud father, Larry, looks on.  ;-)

It is still a very nice day!  ;-)

A Drive up Old Fall River Road to the Alpine Visitor Center

A Drive up Old Fall River Road to the Alpine Visitor Center

We enjoyed a slow drive up the old Fall River gravel road in the Jeep this afternoon...

These are a few photos to get a feel for the trip up, rapidly, switchback after switchback.

I mostly sat in the back seat and took photos out the window. Annette got out a few times...

One of the times, I caught a little ground squirrel, right out my window>

A little further up, there was a nice babbling brook along the road. Background not bad, either!  ;-)

A big avalanche had taken out the trees a few years back, I assume.

We also saw a neat little marmot, having his lunch, right along side the road; on Nancy's side!

 I like to photograph Annette taking her photos...

Here was the area she was getting more closeup shots on...

As we approached the Alpine Visitor Center, I tried to get a photo or two - bald mountains, as well...
In this one, Annette was out looking across a meadow, behind her. Alpine is upper right, on ridge

This is a little closer... we've not been here with so little snow... that won't last much longer!

Notice the cross timbers of the roof of the Alpine Visitor Center, expecting 15-20 feet of snow for the winter.

Note: before posting these last couple of photos - we went out for Pizza Sunday night! Yummy!

It was another very good day!  ;-)

Elk viewing in Rock Mountain National Park

Elk viewing in Rock Mountain National Park

This is the Elk rutting and bugling season, so it has become a major activity to go out to the park between 5 and 7 pm (with lots of other folks!).

These photos are not in order, just a few samples of the things we saw. There were a few tour buses...

Tour bus folks stopping at a herd of female elk awaiting the bucks to fight over them... it was starting to get dark when I took this one...

Now, some more serious elk spotting...

Here are some down in the woods. There were running back and forth. Caught these early on...

Got a couple good shots of these two buck - on the prowl. Their bugling sound is distinctive.

Same bucks, with Long's Peak in the background...

In another area, one big buck, with a great rack - this photo focuses on the rack!

 Another herd of cows...

This one is as we were leaving, to show the number of cars and the winding road...

It was a very good day!  ;-)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Elk Fest in Estes Park, Colorado

Elk Fest in Estes Park, Colorado

We attended Elk Fest in downtown Estes Park on Saturday, Oct 2. Here, Annette got a nice introductions as we entered the Fest area!

There were three or four sections of tents and activities. The first we approached were the Mountain Man tents. I have three here. Annette took more detailed photos, but these are neat.

There was a demonstration area: This was the raptors area.

There was a Native-American speaker entertaining a good crowd:

We mostly skipped the food tents, this time. To the right, are three rows of crafts and such. Larry is in the center. Note the mountains in the background. Nice setting, to say the least.

Here, Nancy is looking at some paintings.

And, the jewelry is always worth a look. Nancy is in line - eventually found a nice necklace.

Larry checked them out, as well.

Later, Ben (Larry's youngest) and Nancy and I gathered to prepare to leave.

Earlier, Ben had gotten his coffee at the "Coffee and Paper Store" while Annette and Nancy were still inside getting their "stuff" - a regular "refill" of paper supplies - I got an orange sketching pencil...

Just to the left of the stores, above, is a neat "downtown park" that separates the parking lot from the downtown shops. Neat!

After attending the Elk Fest, itself, we also walked up and down some of the regular shops.

Later, in the 5-7 p.m. timeslot, the Elk Viewing took place, out in the park. I'll post that separately.

It was a very good day!  ;-)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Arrival in Estes Park

Arrival in Estes Park

We welcomed October 1 driving from Colby, KS, to Estes Park, CO, to join Annette and Larry for our anniversary vacation/ publishing conference. We agreed last summer (at our 50th and their 15th) to meet this October for the Elk Fest! Estes Park is one of Nancy's very favorite vacation spots.

For this special event, we are staying at our favorite condos right on Fall River. Here was my first impression, out the back deck.

Looking down a bit, you can see the rippling water, small fall,  just out the back deck.

That was to the left, here is to the right...

Looking back up to the condo... our bedroom door on the left...

Larry will grill chicken on the gas grill on the right, one night...

We'll visit two or three parts of Rocky Mountain National Park over the next few day. 

The elk walk right through the yard, coming down from the mountain, and going back up... it is that time of year!!!

It was a very good day!  ;-)